Oguntoye & Oguntoye, a full-service commercial, corporate and technology law firm, is thrilled to announce the launch of their new, enhanced and user-friendly website. To fulfil the cravings of our clients and users for creating a customer-centric website, we collaborated with a professional and diligent web development company, WXA Limited, to bring to you a well-designed and top-notched website.

Accessible and Responsive Design

Our website was built with the user experience entrenched in our plan and design. Therefore, we have made it possible for users to access the site quite easily. You can subscribe to newsletters or updates from the firm anywhere on the site.  Visitors or prospects can also make enquiries by providing concise details of legal issues on the website.

Interestingly, the website is designed by applying the latest technologies to ensure compatibility with various browsers and devices. Hence, the website is responsive and can be operated on devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Rest assured that you will have a great experience browsing the website notwithstanding the platform you use.

Technology-Driven Strategies

As an outstanding technology-driven law firm that provides innovative solutions through efficient legal service delivery, we are mandated to create new standards for ourselves and the legal industry. This is what makes us different and unprecedented. Oguntoye & Oguntoye has made itself distinct by investing hugely in digital transformation. We are one of the very few firms that has a CTO in charge of its technology transformation. What distinguishes us from others is having an associate, a lawyer, in that position. Essentially, this fact enables us to take a holistic approach to legal technology and provide unique and efficient legal solutions to our clients, especially clients in the technology space.This is our brand!

From the foregoing, it’s deducible that clients and users will enjoy constant development of the website considering the talent base of our law firm. The firm is capable of integrating tools and technologies on the website and updating it regularly with relevant resources and testimonials.

Our website showcases the diverse features of our diligent and intelligent lawyers and what they bring to the table. It also provides information on the diverse practice areas and stellar legal services we render.

Interesting Insights

An intriguing blog is embedded on the website. The blog is fortified with comprehensive, rich and up-to-date resources, including publications, insights, and trending news. The general public is welcomed to visit and savour the varieties of information that will be consistently uploaded on the firm’s blog.

Contents on the blog will be well researched and produced by seasoned experts not only in the legal space but also specialists in the technology and business domains. Hence, the firm’s blog will be a repository of information that cuts across various sectors and fields. Professionals and practitioners from diverse backgrounds can therefore benefit from our unique blog.

We appreciate our exceptional staff who contributed ideas, efforts, and time to make this website the cynosure it has become. We also thank our webmaster, WXA Limited, who has partnered with us and strive to give us a look that exhibits our expertise and client-centric values.

We encourage you to visit and explore our website at https://www.oguntoye.com. Thank you very much!